Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Huge Thank You To Marillion and Montreal !

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Hello All,
We have finally arrived home in Atlanta after a gruesome 22hr drive and we are safe and sound.....but hardly content......
We wish the weekend would have NEVER ENDED!

Fans are the coolest group of people we have ever come across and we've
never felt so grateful to be a part of something so strong.

embraced by such an elite family of music lovers and good people has
made us so happy! We are excited about the next time we can have the
pleasure of playing for you.

We'd like to thank all of
Marillion, the fans, crew, bands and of course Lucy for making it all
possible. We filmed both of our sets and if the footage comes out like
we plan, we will hopefully have a DVD for you sometime soon along with
a live CD. But first we must review.. hahaha

If you have any pictures or video from our shows PLEASE send them to because we'd love to see them.
And who knows.... we may use them!

More good news to come -

Edgel, Jason and Nathan
(and of course Jerod our sound engineer)

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