Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Huge Thank You To Marillion and Montreal !

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Hello All,
We have finally arrived home in Atlanta after a gruesome 22hr drive and we are safe and sound.....but hardly content......
We wish the weekend would have NEVER ENDED!

Fans are the coolest group of people we have ever come across and we've
never felt so grateful to be a part of something so strong.

embraced by such an elite family of music lovers and good people has
made us so happy! We are excited about the next time we can have the
pleasure of playing for you.

We'd like to thank all of
Marillion, the fans, crew, bands and of course Lucy for making it all
possible. We filmed both of our sets and if the footage comes out like
we plan, we will hopefully have a DVD for you sometime soon along with
a live CD. But first we must review.. hahaha

If you have any pictures or video from our shows PLEASE send them to because we'd love to see them.
And who knows.... we may use them!

More good news to come -

Edgel, Jason and Nathan
(and of course Jerod our sound engineer)

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hanson speaks about Sun Domingo

Last year we had the opportunity to play with a great band called Hanson. ( WATCH A VIDEO CLIP FROM THAT SHOW HERE)
Yes, they are great. And to top it off.......super nice guys.
You will not meet a more down to earth bunch of people that are extremely talented. Their dad Walker Hanson is also about the coolest guy you could meet.
We found out earlier this year by word of mouth that Hanson had been playing our song " A song in your name" right before they go on stage everynight! This is very flattering and made us blush :) Just last week Isaac Hanson (the oldest brother) was interviewed
by Starpolish and spoke about Sun Domingo.

Click Here to Read The Whole Interview

"STARPOLISH: Hanson's music is a mixture of soul, rock and a lot of other musical genres. Every show I’ve seen, you guys always mix it up. I know the bands of the '50s and '60s inspired you a great deal, but is there any current music that is inspiring you? What are you enjoying right now musically?"

HANSON: That’s a good question. There are a lot of different bands that I have enjoyed in the recent years and continue to listen to that are not direct influences on us. But I know on some level when you listen to people, they do become an influence in some way. I love the band Muse, I think they are amazing. There are a lot of acts who are unknown, independent artists, people like the band Everybody Else who are opening up for us. They're absolutely great. Dave Barnes is actually really cool, too, and he is opening for us as well on the current tour. There are bands like The Hovercrafts, an Australian band that are really cool. Rilo Kiley I like, and I've enjoyed their most recent record a great deal. There’s an Atlanta-based band, called Sun Domingo, that’s totally indie, and they're in the rotating play list we put on before we go on stage. There’s an artist called Meiko out of LA who’s amazing. For those of you that have not purchased the William Shatner record---

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Edwin McCain House Of Blues Tour

Last week we started our House Of Blues Tour with Edwin McCain in Dallas, TX and made stops in Houston and New Orleans the days following. This week we play Orlando and Myrtle Beach to round up the run and celebrate New Years with all the crew and fans.

House of Blues is a chain of venues , owned and operated by Live Nation-
All of them look almost 100% identical and are run with the utmost professionalism.
The only bump we hit was in Houston, where our stage manager ( the guy who tells you what to do at every venue) was a total cod and made us load our equipment out in the rain across the street from the venue, instead of having us load under a covered dock attached to the venue. Sometimes as the opener you get treated this way by people who have forgotten what its like to be a struggling musician or maybe in this case....someone who has never been in our position. Either way it was a sophomoric move. I guess it could have been worse... the crowd could have hated us! haha
Recently read about the band Telepathe getting shunned by the crowd while opening for Vampire Weekend. Pretty crappy that some people come to shows to have a bad time and give off bad energy. Stay home! Read the article..(here) The blog is called Mr. Headphones and he usually writes pretty good stuff.

New Orleans was definitely the highlight of last week. Mostly due to the fact that people in New Orleans show up ready to party and stay up ALL night! The crowd was very enthusiastic towards us and gave a a great boost to carry on into this week.

Playing with Edwin and his band has been amazing! They are truly an incredible live band and really have unstoppable groove. Edwin's voice just soars over the music and the songs are so memorable. We are truly lucky to share the stage with such pros and artists.
ALL of the crowds so far have been awesome and supportive. Thank you to all of you and look forward many more moments! We will post something next week to wrap-up this chapter.